Dalya Kandil | Kandil Consulting LLC | KCLLC Design

About My Work

I’m a technical and creative designer.

I use my technical and creative skills to build websites, design 3D packages and create innovative brands.

My recent projects are focused on brand, online retail and product design for sports nutrition, supplements, health care and beauty. Over the past year, I have been designing nationally syndicated corporate brand identity, customer experience and product packaging.

I am also currently designing and rendering 3D product models, and also, designing and developing front end components for customer experience.

My core foundation of product and design skills include brand identity and UX/UI design. I use modern design methodologies to develop new brand and product opportunities for emerging markets. I also know basic front end development and how to administrate and secure modern websites.

I am very comfortable with client facing, documentation and project management because of my experience with freelance and large corporate clients.

Contact me for rates and availability on your next design project. Thanks for taking the time to visit my online presence.